Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gravel Metric November

Well I started the day with the plan to ride to Earlham then Winterset then Indianola and back through Carlisle for about 100 miles.  Then...
 I found this B Road that looked like a great idea.  I mean why not right.

Flat Tire #1
I leaned really quickly that the tire come off easy if you totally deflate them and use both knees and hands to press them off

thorn from a locust tree (next to the nob in the middle of the picture)
funny this was 5 miles down the road from the b road



 Got to Winterset after 2 hours of tire failures and decided that the 100 wasn't going to happen anyway.  I got 2 mikes lemonades and a sandwich at Caseys.  Then stopped at the park next to cedar bridge for Dinner.
Still smiling

The Back tire decided if was feeling left out so right at sunset....The hole was so small I had pump the tube up to 6" round before I could find it.  25 miles from the b road.  The   tires are so thick that even heavy thorns take a long time to press though.

Still a GREAT day
This almost doubles the amount of flats I've had this year, but a all day ride even with a lot of tire changes is better than a good day working!  I also found a new road connecting the sw connector and 63rd street.  totally flat with 12' bike trail on it!  Winter just got easier.  

I'm definitely going to put slime in my tubes after yesterday the front tube has 6 patches on it and I think smile would have sealed all those flats for me.

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