Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Real Men Ride Pink Bikes

So my wifes obsession is criagslist.  I would include the link but craigslist is dangerous! So she found me a half built bianchi fix gear, and I went to look at it. And I purchased it (despite the pink color)  So anyone who makes fun doesn't know what a lugged steel road frame with horizontal dropouts is worth.  
So by half built I mean someone put a fix cog on a freewheel quick release hub.  I spent 20 minutes last night pulling spokes through the new hub and 3 hours and 9 beers (or was it 12) "Truing" (or beating my head against) the rear wheel.  Now it is good enough to take to the professionals to true...
Hopefully I can keep a tire inflated today so it can get its first ride maybe Martensdale? 

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Squirrel said...

Nice Courtney...I like the 650cc front wheel setup....its so racey!