Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This Bike is Done! Well even though it was a fully functional bike when I purchased it.  That didn't stop me from taking it all apart and completely changing it around. besides I know alot more than bianchi 

Bianchi                                       Courtney
42x17 Fixed                                38X15 Fixed
42X17 Freewheel                      38x19 Freewheel
Plastic pedals                             SPD (Duh)
Plastic seat                                 Brooks (like I would sit on plastic)
3/32 Chain                                  1/8  
No Levers                                   cane creek crosstops
Black Bar tape (boring)            Some Brownish tape 
Clean bike                                   mud, gravel, dust, snow 

And I got the Chain line straight...

And Because this bike is done.
I have taken apart my rode bike and ordered a bunch of parts for it...
since I also know more about components than Trek....