Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hy-Vee Tri 2009

I got to go and watch the Tri this year again.  I have to say it was a lot better set up than last year.  I couldn't believe the amount of people that showed up to watch.  From the looks of all the "crazy" people that did the race I could tell they were having a good time too.  Not a good because they didn't have an 18 pack of Bud.  

After the morning of drinking and races I needed to burn off some of my "carb-loading" so a 50 mile ride on the GWT was in order.  Nice day for it I didn't change into my bike clothes so I have a sunburn on my shoulders and back but still a good day. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Off the back.

Saturday I had my first race at the green days Crit.  I'll start by saying I lost.  I started the race off in the pack until we rounded the first corner.   The pack opened up on one the left side and I came upfront.  My intention was to hang in the front group but I decided for some reason that a cool break-away sounded like a good idea.  So off the front I go for 3 laps, about 2 laps in I look at my heartrate watch because I can't breath anymore and it says 205 still (ouch) by this time the pac is right on my wheel and I fall back in.  Somewhere around 4 laps later I get cut off at the corner by another rider and slowed down to 4 mph to not crash over the curb and this was the last of being in the group.  Now off the back with 20 minutes or so to go I pushed as hard as I thought I could but continued to loose ground.  I still finished the race but got lapped in the last lap.  So I have alot to learn about strategies and turning (not on of my strong points)  After the finish 34  minutes my average heart rate 193 and max 205 (not bad since threshold is 190) I felt like throwing up and it took me 10 minutes to catch my breath but still good times.  See ya at the next race maybe I can stay in the pack.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Century 8 (beer century)

Now my kind of touring involves a lot of miles and a lot of beer, not to many stops. I headed out around 2 on Wednesday to ride on loop on the GWT before Mike got off work. Meet up with Mike and Matt after a quick dinner and pitcher at Orlondos. Did one more run to Martensdale then stopped at Cummings tap for steak night. Had some beers and headed home late (about when the storms started. Rode to Orlandos with a couple new riders and stopped there since it had just started raining. We waited for an hour then decided it wasn't going to stop raining so we got wet. Good ride I don't mind the rain. I didn't realize I rode a 100 till the next morning (beverage issue) so I'll count it as the 8th century for the year.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sleepy monkey

Tour The Raccoon 2009

We started out early Saturday (10am) however we were somewhere around the tail end of the riders.  I didn't see very many riders on the ride out.  Stopped in Redfield for some pizza at offsides and beer of course around noon.  We didn't stop again until Penora were we found a nice little restaurant that served beer.  I only had one beer there (I'm turning into a light weight) then we pressed on to Herndon.  All the times I've rode the trail I never could find Herndon now I know why there is only 2 buildings in the town.  The water stop was great the guys there had "other water" (coors light) they shared with us.  Made Jefferson around 5pm not bad time with all the stops.

The festival in Jefferson wasn't that impressive more of a kids thing.  We ate a little bar/grill Wetlands or something like that.  Good food!  Then headed for the beer garden hung out with Lacey, Dan and Shawn  and had a couple of beers there (something like 12) then the 1  mile walk back to camp.

Got up Sunday morning early (6am) and had some great coffee from a local coffee shop.  We hit the trail around 9 after what I call the worst part of camping, taking down the tent.  A nice 16 mph pace to cooper with several other riders.  Stopped in Cooper for coffee and homemade muffins (thanks to the ladies from the cooper church) also meet some new people that were on the ride.  Stopped again in Yale at a little stand with the very deceptive sign.  It said Scotchies and coke but the ies was spaced away from the scotch so I'm like I'll have the scotch and coke.  How ever the Scotchies (like a peanut butter and chocolate rice crispy treat) were really good.  We rode into Panora around 11:30 and went to the Boy-scout breakfast.  A nice egg and pancake sausage and hashbrown meal hit the spot at that point in the day.  Beer in redfield and on to Adel for the town festival.  Adels festival was great good music and good food.  We hung out with Scott and Julie for several hours.  We got back around 8:30pm Ann was a little worn out but still in good spirits.  

All together 136 miles, 2 days, a dozen stops, ????? beers I'll be back again next year, but not on a Fixie-cross bike (ouch) hopefully have my bagger done so I can carry my own gear.

Friday, June 12, 2009


this is why 2 children can cause 4 times more damage

First Ride for Retro Bike

Yesterday I got a good test ride on retro bike.  Around the junction several trips to rassys (fixing the other bike) and a trailer ride to softball and the farmers market.  It is a great trailer pulling bike so much better than the single speeds (my kids together weigh 150lbs now.)  After riding all day I almost remember how to work stem shifters.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Century VII

Yesterday I finished the seventh century for the year. Last year I only did 7 so I've got a good start. Took out the fixie for a leasurely paced trail ride. At 3.5 hours I was halfway (I still am bad at slowing down the pace). I stopped at 50 right outside of Yale and turned around and checked the weather on my phone (this is a cool feature) As I went to ride again I realized the front tire was flat. So it starts again it also starts pouring rain as I change the tire. Stopped in yale for beer and shelter then headed for Redfield, as I enter redfield the back tire goes flat. This finalized my plan b to eat at Offsides pizza and have some fat tire to go with my flat tire. So all together 3 flats (back tire was flat again this morning) 103 miles, good times.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


good spot for a rest


good spot for a rest

Looks like rain

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Retro bike is finished

This is the coolest part of the junk bin DuraAce 7700 on a stemshift

No school like old school

it took 4 hours and ??? beers to get the stickers off this

Beer run in style

purple bag with fairies on it really bring the whole thing together