Monday, March 30, 2009

Denmans Perfect!

Not a good morning for training but a good ride.  Rode Denmans (30 minutes) then went to Rollercoaster that was a mess.  Also some of the "Ghost of j-11"   Good morning before work.  Snow and rain tomorrow so it gravel time!  see everyone at TNWC tomorrow in the snow.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Century IV

Back on the mutli-speed road bike.  Did about the same trail route after riding the headwind through Walkee minburn and open highways didn't seem like to much fun so I rode out to Redfield and back.  Then I joined up with Rick and the PRC team for the last 35 miles of my century.  Nothing like finishing off with a Moffit hill loop. Ouch However I'm not sore today at all so maybe some mountian biking tonight.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

AM ride..

I told myself yesterday the only way I would get up and ride more than 20 miles is if It was with other crazy people.  So I went out at 6am to meet Squirrel and Rick.  5 of us rode out to indianola for trail work (I had to go to actual work at 11 so I only came for the ride).  I took Ricks "short cut" back to des moines (saving me 1 mile on the return trip) It was less hilly than the gravel road out and took about the same time for the return.  I did get home in time to shower (everyone I work with is better off for that) and get ready to go in for a long boring day (because everyone was outside today and not at walmart).  Overall any 50 mile ride I complete before noon is a good one.  
BTW.  how did the trail work go?  I hope to get a day off next time.  I even have a chainsaw.  I'm anxious to ride that trail I've never been on it before.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Century III

Yesterday was the my first fixed gear century!  114 miles , one gear, 3 bars, ?? beers.  headed out at noon into the rain took Racoon trail to redfield stop for the lunch of chanpions at caseys (granola bar and a tall boy of bud.  Rode back through clive and onto the great western trail to meet up with Mike for a "taco ride"  I shouldn't have had the third taco.  After riding Mike home I was at 99 miles so I turned down the free ride home and took off back down the trail.  Then I had a great idea as I rode by orlandos on park I saw 7 bikes leaning in front of it so I said okay maybe one more (or 2 or...)  I rode home with 5 or 6 other riders and finished my century.  3 for the year now it's almost time for a double.  

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Catholic drinking holiday..

After a short ride last night I got to the baitshop and joined Scott and Julie for a couple of beers.  Not too much though I'm going for my first Fixie-century today it looks like it's stopped raining and nice enough outside meeting up with Mike at 4:30ish to finish up the last 40 miles or so of the century and then taco time..  If anyone is up for some slow road riding I'll be at bambinos at about 4:30ish.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rolling tire change.

Yesterday went out for a ride with my dad and my brother.  We averaged 11 mph, 10 mptc (miles per tire change) My dad got a couple of flats last week and about 7 miles into the ride he got another then 3 miles later another.  After 20 minutes of examining the tire I found the sliver of glass that punctured the tire (this glass was saved for centimental reasons)  After a short ride around clive and into downtown we stopped a java joes.  For some awesome sandwiches (they sure should be for 6.50!)  Then up neal-smith trail back to beaverdale so my brother could check out the new bike world store.  (Still need that new bike (ps if anyone is thinking I need to get Courtney that bike it's the Gary Fisher full suspention sram x-9 29")). When we were ready to leave the front tire was flat again.  I don't know how some people manage so many flats I've rode miles of gravel on a road bike and only get flats on bike trails.(Maybe it's because the bike trails are so crappy and no one ever cleans the glass off of them)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back to school..

Went to my daughters school today to have lunch with her and birthday cupcakes.  I think I was the tallest kindergarden student in the class.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Taco Time!!!

I think if it stays at 20ish degrees denmans will be perfect(ridable) tomorrow.  So Anyone up for a taco ride?  I don't get off work till after 5pm but if anyone wants to ride i'm game for 6pm.  If  its too messy in denmans I know of some good gravel..

Monday, March 9, 2009

Fixie Time...

I'm sitting here looking at my favorite bike (giant Bowery) know as squeaky 2 (long story) wishing it wasn't raining and I could go ride tonight.  Thats okay maybe Thursday will be better than it's forecasted and I could do a Fixed Century...  I've wanted to try this since last year I just never get the time.  The longest Fixie ride I've ever done is 85 miles so a century isn't a huge stretch but still not easy.  
And yes the bike is still in the living room.  I'm thinking I need bike hooks in my living room.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mud time.

I'n years past I would go out for a ride and come home when it rained, but now I going out for a gravel ride in the rain...
The new Bike World store is awesome! It inspires me to purchase a new bike. (this is why I shouldn't be allowed in a bike store)  

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Went riding last night and this morning in shorts.  No base layers no gloves.  I keep asking myself why I live in the state but it gets better from here.  Fixie ride tomorrow 8pmish If anyone wants to tag along and can go slow since I'm out of shape from this long winter. 40 miles and beer.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Missed again

The gravel century turned into another metric.  The rest of my family is sick so and I didn't start as early as I wanted to so I turned around at Woodward and came home 67 miles.  I managed to keep the bike clean until I was 1 mile from home and went through a large mud hole.  It wouldn't be a bike ride if something wasn't covered in mud at the end.

The Corner Of Wendover, Wendover and Bittersweet.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gravel Century (Attempt 2) Tomorrow.

I'm going to try again for a gravel century tomorrow this time I'll go somewhere that isn't so hilly.  I'll use one of Steve's routes.  Maybe it will actually stay frozen so I won't be covered in mud (ya right.) 
Today I will be helping my Dad make his second batch of beer.  This time he is making a double-bock.  Next weekend the first batch of IPA will be ready for a tasting!