Monday, December 28, 2009

Calm in the storm

After this crazy christmas season last night was my friday night. I got stuck at work till almost 8pm I was really hoping that the clive trail would be plowed and I could have a nice peaceful ride home. It would be to much to ask though for a city worker to work on a weekend. I bogged through and hiked to the first turn off at 63rd street next to the budget storage place. I had purchased some Bud since it was friday so I decided to stop here and sit on the top tube and have a couple beers. I think the best part of winter riding isn't getting off the trainer or even the ride because at least half the ride is pretty bad most of the time it's the adventure it's not the destination or the journey but a few good stops along the way.


Steph said...

do they clear the bike trails in the winter?

Courtney said...

ya usually before the roads leading to them all des moines and clives are plowed as of yesterday