Tuesday, October 25, 2011

End of Cyclocross :(

With working this weekend this may be my last cross event this year.  I'm still on for survivor cross on my birthday though. I'm taking The Knife (single speed) to work today then riding directly to cross.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting to be that time of year...Again!

I'll be another year old next month so what better way to celebrate than getting me some of the following:

Stans take on cyclocross (more for gravel though)

ZTR Alpha tubeless cross rims

Chris King Rear hub
The new SON28 hub


I like Beer!
and by the way this is so my plan for ti8 and Dirty Kanza next year $900 wheelset for the cross bike.  This appears to be the best stuff on the market for wheel/tires in 35c tubeless and if I'm going all out might as well get the chris king and son for a little bling.  So now to save up some OT and bonuses for next spring.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Moonshine Metric

Well,  after a 170 mile ride to Mt Vernon I embarked on the moonshine metric at 7pm saturday night.  This wasn't even my first metric that day so no big deal right?  Or I kept up barely with the group and got dropped like a rock at the end of the ride.  There were 8 of us until the "bar" at 25 miles 3 riders took off.  The remaining 5 carried on into the cool night air.  The temp dropped off and we pushed it to make Caseys before it closed at 11pm.  We got there at 10:40 with time to spare had some grub and hit the road again.  It was even colder (40 or so?) I was in shorts and a jacket (under dressed as per usual).  The last 20 miles was a little hilly and a lot of fun.  The B road in that county were awesome.
Starting picture
stolen from Craig

I would like to thank Craig again for putting on a sweet ride and for a bed to sleep in for the night, and of course food and beer.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Ride to Mt Vernon

End of the Gay Lea Wilson trail in Altoona

Had about 15 Miles of Pavement between trails

It Said Trail Closed .....

...here's why.
We dont need bridges except for 100lbs loaded touring bikes

chichaqua valley trail

It was nice of them to put the shelter right were I was going to flat

Some good eats.  Got here 15 minutes before it closed at 3pm

Still managed a gravel metric in my 110 miles friday

Some sweet b-roads out east

Last hour in the dark

Friday my camera stopped working and my phone became drunk with too much beer so that is all the pictures.  I stopped in Belle Plaine Iowa for a pizza and some beer at The Office.  The guys there were nice enough to clue me in on a local camp site in the park.  They also were nice enough to buy me many shots and beers,  my phone is still hung over.  

Saturday was uneventful, however did you know that pay phones are all gone now?  Good luck making a call without your cell phone.  I got in my first metric in the morning about 30 miles of gravel and 30 miles of road.  A lot of b roads that were in nicer shape than the gravel.  I got to Craig's house for a little nap and food before the Moonshine metric at 7.  But that's another post.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

235 miles in 40 hours

Much more to say later, but good times.  My legs are not happy with me.  Thanks to Craig for the good ride, food and place to sleep.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

GMC Sucks!

It's nice that we spend tax money for this shitty company!  Don't buy american cars.  Oh wait they are made in 3rd world countries anyway.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First Hilton Camping Trip :)

and it was fuller of the way home

Kids had a tent party

Had a trail full of kids

She always complains about going riding but smiles the whole time

Aquabi is a super fun tandem course,  we cleaned this hill 2
of the 4 times we tried