Friday, May 29, 2009

Century VI

I decided yesterday that I would do todays century non-stop and see how long it would take.  So I packed 5 GU, one pound of sharp cheddar,  Blue diamonds wosabie almonds into my camelback and hit the road a 8am.  I rode out through Granger, Minburn, Yale on the highway.  I turned onto the trail for a return trip at yale I was at 55 miles and just under 3 hours.  At this point the 6 hour mark look achievable.  Fast run all the way to redfield then into the headwind.  Somewhere around 90 miles (walkee) my legs were just about done.  I slowed down to 16 or so and finished around colby park (don't take clive greenbelt for good time).  I finished at 5 hours and 56 minutes under 6 hours.  I only ate half my cheese and a handful of nuts so I was very hungry when I got home.  

Good Ride :)

Now to recover for Fixie Friday.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trains with Umpa

sleepy bob

craigslist anyone

Retro Bike

I'd like to thank Nick for a cheap steel bike.  I got "Retro Bike" on tuesday and have got right to work on it.  The old school crankset with the one piece chainring/bash guard is now in the parts bin!  The parts bin  is looking emptier after I installed the Bontrager select crankset with ISIS BB (that was the right size somehow.) The Duraace derailer (hope this works with stem levers) that could be the craziest combo of parts I've ever seen.  Fenders make it look like 1985.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sram XX

It's about time!  Now if they can get these out for sale in the next 6 months I think this is the group (at least the rear end) for my touring bike!  Some Red brifters ( I know exspensive) will match this group perfectly Fsa's Compact double with an 11-32 cassette should be enough gears.  Supposedly the new group will be lighter than Dura Ace 09.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Century time again I think

It's been almost a month since the worst century ride I've ever done so it could be about time to get in another century.  I think since I have next Friday (5/29) off I'm going to try for that.  If anyone wants to come along centuries are always more fun with more than one person.  I'm thinking of heading north Minburn/Yale with a bike trail return.  Leaving in the AM not before 7. 

And again this Friday night is Fixie Friday at 9pm Park ave at the great western trail.  I'm getting off work early friday so I will be at Orlandos at 8:30 or so to have a preride beer.  

Monday, May 18, 2009

Momma's new commuter

my flowers are finaly growing

new flowers


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Yesterday I got the opportunity to go watch the Duathalon.  It was a good race suprisingly there were many beginners in the race.  I realized I should have done this race due to my hatered of swimming that keeps me out of triathalons this would have been perfect.  But I never would have been able to decide what bike to ride or what to wear or what kind of beer to drink the night before/morning before.  And of couse we all know the hardest part of the race is getting ready for it. So I've come up with a clothing/beer/bike pairing guide like a food and wine guide but more usefull.

Road Bike:
As these bikes are lighter and more expensive you need a imported Pilsner or wheat for that lighter and refined taste,  and you should wear nice cycling clothes and spandex shorts, carbon shoes and that yellow/green jacket.
Cyclocross Bike
As cross bike are for rodies that want to ride in the grass or past the entrance to the mountain bike trail (only to the first log) you should pair them with a fuller body beer.  Fat tire is a good way to go.  Your still need your expensive cycling clothes and shorts but the cheaper shoes will work.
Fixed gears are really just road bikes that don't need to be repaired every 10-20 miles and can be ridden for days at at time with out adjustments and complete overhaul.  Wear your road gear and drink your road beer,  but drink more of it because you won't need to stop and fix your bike.
If your not insane your mountain bike is cheaper than your road bike.(ya right) So you should pair it with whatever is on sale because face it the beer will taste like crap when it's all shook up after several hours (minutes) of jumping over stuff and falling down.  Plus cans work better in a backback than bottles (don't even ask why I know this) You want to dress in whatever is in the middle of the laundry pile (lets face it you don't want to get your cleanest clothes dirty).
These bike are very usefull and work with all beers and you should wear clean pants (your fenders will keep them clean) and you can also bring 3 days worth of clothing and a tent and beer.
These aren't really bikes so you should go jump it into the river, but try not to mess up any single track on your way there.

So my race plan would include a touring bike because face it it's cooler to watch the race from a camp chair with 4 different kinds of beer than it is to compete. That's okay I wouldn't win anyway.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It finally fell

The little tree couldn't take it anymore

if someone could make up there mind on where this is going?

I hate lazy people that mess up stuff that is not their's

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Fixie Friday 1

So for all the weather wussies out there you missed a good time.  Three of us headed out friday at 9ish for cumming tap.  About a 40 minute ride up from park ave.  We had very wet ground on the way out but no new rainfall,  the ride home the path was almost dry at least thats the way I remember it.  As we road home through bill raley trail (we all live in wdms) we came upon a small animal running down the trail in front of us, so for about 5 minutes we try to figure out what it is.  When it reaches a water spot that completely covers the trail it turns revealing it is a skunk that we have been following 3 feet behind for that last 2 miles.  He was a very tired skunk he had been running infront of us at 9-10 mph for more than 2 miles (the horse pastures to the connector turnoff.  At least he went right.  I tried to get a pic but black animal on a blacktop trail didn't turn out. Hope to see everyone else next friday.  

Thursday, May 14, 2009


strike one


right field

I just cleaned this.


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Steak night

Bike to Work Week

I attended the collective breakfast today. I was glad to see good coffee after riding all the way downtown. I turned my 4 mile commute into a 17 mile commute. I saw more than 25 other riders on the trail between downtown and Walmart. Not a bad turnout for a cold morning.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rain Ride


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The 6 month wait....

The Wait is long but the shopping list is growing and the budget is out of control!  And that's a good thing. we have so far:
Masi Frameset and Headset.
The List
FSA Energy compact double 50/34  $220 w/bb
Schmidt Nabendynamo $250ish
TUBUS rack  $200 for a front and rear pair.
The only 48 hole rear hub on the planet. $350 ouch!

Force!  $1000
This goes without saying..
I am so lost as far a bags and mavic 719 seems to be the best rims but the picture isn't copyable so imagine rims and I will find wood fenders.  So my Touring bike is going to cost like 3 grand but what can you do?  

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

camping time


lawnmower much?

poison ivy.. at least I missed it.

New toy?

I'll try this after a lot of beers.

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Monday Night Fixie 2

Last night was the second monday night ride for the year.  A little slower but thats good (there is no shortage of hammerfest ride to go on)  Even had some new riders that we took out for 30 miles of medium pace riding.  I only had one close call on the "Paved" trail bottom of the hill I'm doing 30 (total spin out on the fixie) coming into the corner planning on using the whole trail to make the corner.  Unfortunately there was an oncoming rider and a newer rider right on my back wheel (wheelsucker)  just barely missed them both.  Also had my first flat on the road this year.  At least I've gotten my road flat and my mountain flat out of the way early this year!  

Sunday, May 10, 2009


daddy it's not thomas it's gordon


happy mothers day

Hessen Haus

mothers day beers

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