Friday, December 31, 2010

End of Days

For 2010 at least.

Here is how it went down:
Snow Riding in January

It was cold

and more snow

Sun dogs in January

Took the gravel road

January Metric

New Bike Day :)

Tubeless tires

And it snowed

Mmmmmm Breakfast beer

Then is snowed

Grr to Brr first 'century' 

Cirrem (mud anyone)

Broke in the new touring bike on gravel (2400 miles on it this year)

Mmmmm Gravel

Finally back to single track

St pattys metric


More Gravel

Park ride

Off Road Monkey

Good times

More Rocks

and more rocks
Awesome Sunset after a trailer park ride

Austyn is  too big now

Seriously took 50 pictures of the Easter outfits and no good ones!

Got into the woods for a couple days between floods

Culvers for something or other

Picked a pile of milkweed for mothers day

Chris had to try the death-lanes

First trip to Jefferson 135 miles on the bagger (not the 200 I was shooting for)

Monkey's bike outfit

We got a dog


Summerset Shootout

Alot of Gravel this year

'single track' outside winterset

Bike Fishing trip with the kids

I don't need a fishing pole

One for Austyn

Good times

Home in the dark

Overnight tunnel party before the hyvee tri

Getting every bit of Icing out of there

Mmmmm Beer

"these aren't my wheels"


Rainy day ride

Waiting out the storm

Snack time

Commuter of the year 



Wisconsin is nice

Done but little did I know at this point I had 40 more miles to ride that day

First Overnight tour 
The bridge was out so I walked across this

At camp after 115 miles

New Tent was awesome

Sunset in Carroll


Day 1 in Carroll
115 miles

Day 2

Downtown Carroll

Trail from Carroll to Lakeview

Very lazy day

Brenda Iowa

Camp day 2

Day 3

Good food if you find yourself in Storm Lake

Day 3 in storm lake finally on route.

Day 4

Worst Mechanical Ever!

Before NOON!

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

East Village Crit

Corner 5, and yes those coolers are all beer.

Bob's Birthday

24 hours of seven oaks

didn't race just hung out and camped

Oh and road with bags to Boone and back

Austyn First time mountain biking

Yes, I started her on hilside.

and j11

She did well
Renegade cross

Capital City Cross

Mullet Classic

Dirty Du 

Kids dirty-Du

Run Monkey Run

Go Monkey Boy!

Austyn Got a trophy!
Spooky Cross

State Championship 
No hand me my other beer too.

State Championship 
Didn't end well

Jingle Cross

Mixed Drink anyone?

This thing was cool

There are people behind me at least

I love to hear 'Go Daddy'

Newly repaved Neal Smith Trail

The Tunnel under Bridge RD in Polk city 30 degrees and a little windy

Urban Epic

After begging all morning they played for 10 minutes

Didn't make it so photo op.

First Tracks in Denmans!

new coat
New Pedals....

Now thats all done,  ready for next year.....