Friday, March 9, 2012

Jefferson Ride

In my distance training for TI8 I got in a 132 Tuesday.  11:43 minutes total.  This was the maden voyage for the new wheel set on the cross bike.

The Tubeless cross setup (Specalized captains on stans Alphas) worked great.  They didn't feel like flat tires on the pavement and cornered very well.  Cornering is the usual issue with small tires at low pressure.
I took the trail out and after the wind I endured on the way out decided to gravel it home and take the powerful south wind in pieces instead of all at once.  I was 35 miles north and 30 miles west of home.  Came back through Botan, Woodward.

I haven't seen a Pay phone in years!
Jefferson, IA

Site of the first County Court house.
Must be a warning for the Evil that happened there in the past.

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