Sunday, April 29, 2012

Trans Iowa 8

I'll Start with the end :

Some were outside of Hedrick, IA  I decided to quit punishing myself and pull the plug.  The Overall day, weather, Hills and lack of training all caught up with me.  I realized that I couldn't make the 9:30 cut off at the 3rd checkpoint.  I had been avg 9.2 and need to pick up to 11.3 for the next 6 hours to make it.  I hadn't bonked yet but was really hurting.  There was no way.  So it was the wise choice to take the ride from Deb than to have Anna drive all the way to no were at 10pm to pick he up from the checkpoint.  

I learned one thing yesterday:  NOT DOING THIS AGAIN.  Good race but way, way too hard for me!  I'm now going to work on my speed a little and do some shorter events.  Thanks To Guitar Ted for a great race.

PreRace Meeting 

Craig stole a white flag, I said this could be the most expensive DNF ever as some one diggs up the gas line that this flag was marking and it explodes.

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Steve Fuller said...

Very few people finish this beast the first time. Take what you learned and give it another shot when you're ready. Nice seeing you out there. :)