Friday, January 15, 2016


So today I get the best news since last June when I got away from walmart.  I am sitting in the breakroom at work and see a news report that Walmart is closing 200+ stores.  I have to say I wish all the best to the workers at Walmart.  I'll start with that, however I have a great deal of bad feeling for the company and the "upper" management of Walmart.  I will go into great detail about this in the future as I have planned to write a book about this horrible corporation and the 17+ years I wasted with them.  But today all I can say is I'm so happy that this Corporation is failing! They are starting to get whats coming to them!  Not to say that they Really have got whats coming to them, but it is a start.

Union           [X]  YES
Wal-Mart      [X] No

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