Saturday, July 23, 2011

I have joined the club ..... It's Pugsley Time

So I did it.

Heavy...going to hurt in a couple cross races :)

Daddy these tires are really big!

It;s missing mud.


Only one road bike tube was harmed in the making of this
monster bike

Monster cross meet monster mountain

a couple reflector clamps worked great on this.
This guys idea

Long ride on the fatty today


Joe said...

You're going to love it! I didn't know they weighed that much... I've never weighed mine. Of course I always carry a lot of junk with me so my bikes are always heavy.

What rear rack are you using? Looks like a good fit.

Welcome to the club!

Courtney said...

Thats the Bontrager II it was $100 less then the nice rack and half the weight