Saturday, March 21, 2009

AM ride..

I told myself yesterday the only way I would get up and ride more than 20 miles is if It was with other crazy people.  So I went out at 6am to meet Squirrel and Rick.  5 of us rode out to indianola for trail work (I had to go to actual work at 11 so I only came for the ride).  I took Ricks "short cut" back to des moines (saving me 1 mile on the return trip) It was less hilly than the gravel road out and took about the same time for the return.  I did get home in time to shower (everyone I work with is better off for that) and get ready to go in for a long boring day (because everyone was outside today and not at walmart).  Overall any 50 mile ride I complete before noon is a good one.  
BTW.  how did the trail work go?  I hope to get a day off next time.  I even have a chainsaw.  I'm anxious to ride that trail I've never been on it before.

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Buckshot77 said...

Trail work went well. I forgot that I didn't add in the 5 miles it takes to get to Carlisle from Summerset. Definitely less hills though.