Thursday, March 19, 2009

Century III

Yesterday was the my first fixed gear century!  114 miles , one gear, 3 bars, ?? beers.  headed out at noon into the rain took Racoon trail to redfield stop for the lunch of chanpions at caseys (granola bar and a tall boy of bud.  Rode back through clive and onto the great western trail to meet up with Mike for a "taco ride"  I shouldn't have had the third taco.  After riding Mike home I was at 99 miles so I turned down the free ride home and took off back down the trail.  Then I had a great idea as I rode by orlandos on park I saw 7 bikes leaning in front of it so I said okay maybe one more (or 2 or...)  I rode home with 5 or 6 other riders and finished my century.  3 for the year now it's almost time for a double.  

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Maverick said...

I was asleep by 9. I'm getting old.