Friday, July 24, 2009

Ragbrai 2009

I can't remember everything from ragbrai (beverage issue) but here it goes.  I got dropped off in Greenfield on tuesday morning and headed out at about 7:15 for Orient.  I have never seen so many people on bikes at one time.  There wasn't a lot in Orient so I rode on to Macksburg this was a good spot for the first beer of the day (9:30 am)  After eating a sandwich and watching the pan throwing (seriously) contest I rode off and hit Peru next.  I did get sucked into a double pace line on the way into town (25mph on 38x15 not so good)  I got 3 beers in the beer garden and had a hamburger (and for 5 dollars it should have been crab meat)  I was thinking I should get moving before too many beers or I wouldn't make the next 60 miles.  I saw Nick and Brian on my way out of town but they were headed to the beer garden.  The next couple of towns St Charles and St Marys I only had 1 beer in each.  I saw Heather Davis in St Marys and got the invite to the Bad Monkey party.  I met up with Mike Dunker in Martensdale and we rode down the trail to cummings tap I wish I could have stayed longer for the party but I needed to make good time if I was going to finish the day.  I rode out of cumming (without my helmet) with Eve Shonts and Patty to head for the party in indianola it was a good party.  Set up camp at one of  Eve's friend houses in indianola had "some" beers and burgers at there house and this set up for the crazy morning the next day.

Second day I got start very late (10 ish) then found the tire that was falling apart (thankfully next to the repair stand) I decided a new helmet was a good idea and got a cheap touring tire (all they had) and a crummy helmet (same).  Stop a Farm Boys for burritos and stayed there for quite a while.  When we got to Milo it was time for beer (noon)  so we hung out with a couple of "teams" on the lawn next to Caseys.  We rode on to Lacona and stop there until the state patrol closed down the beer sales.  (I stopped drinking after Milo some cash shortage)  Stopped on the road to watch the swimming in the dirty pond.  Got into Chariton around 6pm and had the best meal I had on ragbrai the lasagna dinner was excellent!  Set up camp in an empty lot behind an abandoned building and got a 18 pack for the four of us.  Bad night with the thunderstorm rolling through around 4:30 am.

Day 3 was uneventful I rode straight home through Indianola and the summer set trail to Carlile/Avon then back to downtown.  I did get home before noon though.  Good times.  Next year a few things:  Gears (fixie was fun but not for more than a couple of days), More than a trunk bag for self contained, More cash, BYOB, better planning.

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Luggs1 said...

Sorry I missed you on Tuesday, the tandem left at 8am from Greenfield.
Fixie's really baad Idea. I did a 40 on Saturday, the route on Sunday and Monday All on the Bowery -- let me tell you about the Corning Hill,
this all totally sucked!
Tandem on Tuesday was painfull after the previos days!
See ya Monday!