Sunday, July 19, 2009

Century 9 (My First Gravel Century)

Friday I successfully completed my first gravel century.  I set out early so I could meet my dad at Bait shop at 5.  So I rode out on my Bianchi Cross bike.  I choose the southern roads and hills since the wind was bad friday (good choice).  I used a 38x17 fixed gear ratio this was a lot better than the last time on the cross at 38x15.  I was able to make it over every hill without walking and the downhills spinout at 21 mph or so.  I still was able to average 13 mph for the day though.  So I need to learn some better routes.  I rode the booneville route then past badger creek state park and ended up in Bevington continued south (there is a cool hill just south of Bevington turns and then false summit and is worse than grand ave)  After this my route went all over the place and I finally found Martensdale (next time a compass is in order) rode to cummings tap and had a beer (by a beer I mean a pitcher).  Then to finish out the 30 some mile I had left I did some loops around cummings (found a good 5 mile loop) then headed for downtown.  

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