Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gravel Metric #9

The G88 Race was my 9th metric for the year. I missed the one a month goal in July if all months, but oh well I'm still planning on getting in at least 12. Maybe next year for the 12 real centuries. I'm looking at putting in a little milage the end of this month so I'm hoping to do some bike trail metrics in the evenings after work and less beer/steak rides. It would be nice to lose about 10-15 lbs this fall before the snow flies. I still want a double century this year but the season is closing in fast and I'm not going to make it if I don't get a 'perfect' day off (70 degrees and not raining with almost no wind). Back to the G88 Race. We started out on 60th street and went 'neutral' until Jordan creek pkwy (by neutral I mean 25-30 mph in a pack) The 'race' started with the big hill on booneville rd I chased the fast guys up the hill and stayed on the lead group till the 3rd hill. I road by myself over the next hill and almost to Booneville Dave's group caught up to me and I hung with them till 105 (adams ave). I had a choice here either keep pushing and take a forced recovery in 10-15 miles or fall off the back to a comfortable pace and enjoy the ride. I choose the later (good choice) I cut back to a zone 3 effort for most of the rest of the race. Nick caught me about an hour later and we road the rest of the ride together. Nick says "is there a reason you're riding slow" I said "I'm old and fat". Anna met me on the course at the cemetery around half way, so Nick and I took a couple minute break. About 40 miles in I bonked bad, no breakfast and only 2 bottles of water is not a good choice. I got a little second wind on booneville road on the way back and dropped the hammer all the way back to the finish so overall 25th of 42 (31 finishers) 4:45 minutes. I'm curious about how many feet of climbing there was.

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Buckshot77 said...

I had 3300' of climbing on the clock. I kind of liked the east/west version of that course versus the north/south Cirrem routing.