Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Wind chill dips back into -20s after a warm (30) weekend.  I way over dressed for my short commute to work, leg covers and shoe covers could have stayed home.  Took off my outer coat outside before i locked up my bike.  Its bad when sweat is dripping from your chin in below zero temps.  Back to the y tonight to lift wieghts to finish off my legs after a hard spin class last night.  2.5 weeks to Cirrem shooting for sub 5 hours on my single speed cross bike.  Might have to press the Awesome button a couple times.

Location : 6961 University Ave, Windsor Heights, IA 50324,


MrDaveyGie said...

It's a complicated thing dressing just right the colder it gets.

Joe said...

Yeah, it was -13 here this morning, but luckily I only have a half mile commute. I don't even dress very warm for it. Today I had on a hat, gloves, zip up fleece, and a hoodie. But man.... my thumbs were COLD when I got to work. Another cold one tomorrow then it should get better.