Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free Money

Got my gift card from ($25) rewards for something or other, also got a check ($46) from the class action suit against Walmart for the 'worked off the clock' lawsuit thats been going on for years now.  Seem a little small for the amount of free hours I have donated to that place, but better than nothing. I guess I would have got more if I participated in the suit, but would also be unemployed then.

  So I'm getting a couple bike accessories for FREE.

I think this will be great on the gravel rides

I got one of these for my gear bike last year and I love it,  so the single speeds getting one too.
Keeping the Exiwolf on the back


Nick said...

I really dig my frame bag. I think you'll like it. Although sometimes I think it's too small and I wish I would have made something more like this:

Courtney said...

I think for the amount of stuff I actually need even on an all day gravel ride this and a camel back is plenty. If I have too much space I will bring more crap than I need.