Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Moonshine Metric

Well,  after a 170 mile ride to Mt Vernon I embarked on the moonshine metric at 7pm saturday night.  This wasn't even my first metric that day so no big deal right?  Or I kept up barely with the group and got dropped like a rock at the end of the ride.  There were 8 of us until the "bar" at 25 miles 3 riders took off.  The remaining 5 carried on into the cool night air.  The temp dropped off and we pushed it to make Caseys before it closed at 11pm.  We got there at 10:40 with time to spare had some grub and hit the road again.  It was even colder (40 or so?) I was in shorts and a jacket (under dressed as per usual).  The last 20 miles was a little hilly and a lot of fun.  The B road in that county were awesome.
Starting picture
stolen from Craig

I would like to thank Craig again for putting on a sweet ride and for a bed to sleep in for the night, and of course food and beer.


MrDaveyGie said...

Yikes, Courtney, Epic milage, good job...

Craig said...

I have to agree. I don't think I said much about it, but that was pretty impressive. Serious mileage, there.