Sunday, February 19, 2012

Surly Pugsley Review

So, I'm actually going to review the newest fad...fat bikes.  I got my Pugsley:
First Ride on ERT
I only changed the seat, Grips and added a rack.  Seriously the bike is still stock!  I'm at about 2,000 miles on it now and it's about time for first impressions.  

So I hate the term snow bike, I have only rode mine in the snow 3 times and it's not a snow bike.  This bike works great on pavement, gravel, sand, underwater, grass, mud, etc.  It's a handicap for sure on any surface other than deep snow, sand, and thin mud.  The only really bad area I've found for it is peanut butter mud the bike picks up a lot of it and get so heavy it's impossible to carry.  I however like being able to go out for a casual pace ride and get an excellent workout.  40 miles will leave you feeling like you did 5 set of leg weights.  It's also nice to ride with kids you get some workout and aren't sprinting off .  Plus nothing cooler than passing someone on a tri bike with 4" 5 anyone

Tires:  So the main thing on these bike are the tires.  Ya big.  Okay that aside very thick and heavy tires I also added slime after an epic 6 tire changes on one ride (locust tree).  I'm going to wear out the stock tires and get a set of husker du's.  

So all I can say is if you don't want to buy one DON'T ride one....they are like bike crack addictive!

Longest Pugsley Ride so far : 92 miles.... feels like 160.


MrDaveyGie said...

yeap, bike crack addict. I know the feeling out my 4 main rides my "Fat" put on more mileage then the other 3 totaled now.

Craig said...

No doubt about the workout. Last week I stopped home seven miles short of a metric so I could switch bikes and finish it off. They're fun to ride, but really take it out of you after a few hours.