Thursday, June 14, 2012

Big Gravel :)

I almost have my DK post ready, but not there yet.  So until then it's only a couple weeks until I don't get anymore weekends off and can go out and do one of my favorite things ...big miles.  First thing on the list Pugsley century on gravel.  I feel a day off during the week starting very early (8am)  I know right.  First 70 miles good pace next 30 anyone?

Also it's only a month to the Guitar Ted Death ride.  I have chosen to ride out to Grinnel the day before, not sure how that will play out.  It does leave me riding one of 2 bikes though,  Touring bike or Pugsley are the only things I have that will carry 2 nights worth of camping gear.  It's 110 miles or so to Grinnel from my house so I'll see if I can keep up the next day as this is several miles over my daily mileage on a loaded bike.

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