Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Single Track

I got a short (2.5 hr) workout in last night on Center Trails.  I've started hitting Hillside/rollercoaster first now and spending at least an hour on hillside before some cool down in denmans.  Last night I finished all the flat stuff at a good pace and hit the blacktop to go fill my water bottle at Gray's lake and do another hilside lap, but 2 guys on road bikes passed me right next to the turn and I couldn't help myself.... the next 3 miles was at 25-28 mph with them (this hurts on a 1 X 9) then they got tired so I circled back for water.  I decided to skip anymore dirt as it was getting dark and I had no light (this is my own personal way of limiting my ride time) Legs still feel ready for the PRC ride tonight.

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