Sunday, November 8, 2009

All Day

I got off work early yesterday due to an early start for a special sale. So at 3:30 I headed down to denmans for a whole lap on Center Trails. As I pulled into denmans I got that immediate feeling of peaceful quite like I had been there all day long. I realized that I had been there all day because I had tuned out the whole day at work. It's nice to ride Denmans a little slower now and then it give you a chance to think and decompress and everything is simple for a short time. After chickening out on the big teeter again (someday with beer) I took dirty to Hillside were after riding the whole loop on the south side I rolled over to the north and quickly noticed the trail went a different direction. The guys from CITA had been out building for many hours. The new piece of trail is great I won't tell you about it just go ride it. I got to test the new "jump" first that was cool.

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