Friday, November 13, 2009

If I could ever make up my mind.

As the 19th (30th Birthday) looms over me like a dark cloud half way through a ride. When your 50 miles out on a fixie and just realize how wet you are going to get (actually happened to me 3 times this year). I still try to figure out what I hope to accomplish in the world of cycling. I would really like to lose 25 more pounds and would like to get in several road races next year. I also hope to get into TransIowa (I think) I have thought a lot about some of the enduro gravel races and I guess I just need to sign up and do it to see if it's for me.
I purchased a single speed mountain bike and my exact words were "I'll never get into mountain bike racing anyway" So 4 weeks later in my first mountain bike race I understand why mountain bike usually have gears. I have this year became a lot better mountain biker (still not that good though) and this has seriously reduced my road milage the end of this year (not going to make my 10k goal) but I enjoy mountain biking even when I'm off the back alone. So I do think a multispeed 29r is on the radar for next fall.
I haven't been on a geared bike (unless you count my crappy commuter) since The Dr Bob ride in september. I am looking forward to my touring bike next year for a little more multispeed riding. However multispeed is for going faster not for slowing down.
I have put together a multispeed cross bike from an old mountain bike to see how my first cross race will go (jingle cross) I'm not trying to win just to survive.
So all together I don't know Road races, Touring, Cross Races, Mountain Races, Mountain rides, Commuting, and Road rides I need more hours in the day. And another new bike.

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TJ said...

I think the same about 'needing' another bike. I'm a student so I can't really use the not enough time excuse.

Have you considered a monstercross? could be used for cross and mtb racing.