Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gears :( . . . :| . . . :) . . .

I have 'Finished' reworking my old mountain bike to be a multispeed (whatever that is) cyclocross bike. Took a short ride to my dads last night to test out the gearing and adjustments. I started down vine ran through all the gears (42/32 Crankset and 11/32 Cassette) got it up to 28 mph (tail wind much) then turned on Giles and started climbing this is were the gears part doesn't allow me to slow down and climb but causes me to sprint and try to hold my gear. I'll ride the "new crossbike" tonight for the pavement taco ride to really make sure it is ready for Jingle cross and hopefully get used to the gears. All I need now are 26" cross tires.

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