Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Metric Gravel ride for '10

Saturday 12 of us started out around 9am for a 62 miles gravel ride. It was around 20 degrees and a fresh powder coating of snow on the ground. I took the knife for a challenge and I wasn't planning on any super fast riding. We took the north loop out through woodward and back into west des moines stopped at a couple caseys stores for food and to warm up a little. I did ride the last 28 miles without a stop. At the end of the gravel (59 miles) there were 2 of us left me and Steve Fuller. Everyone that turned off early missed a good muddy ride at the end.
Dirty Bike

This Dog ran with us for 3 miles or so at 12-15mph so he is Gravel Dog.

Sun Dogs in the morning