Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Great walk-out freezer

Took a short ride today 6 degrees seemed warm enough. I made it for a little over an hour and about 10 miles (all the way around waterworks) I really wanted to hit the connector and get in some good hill climbs but the weather and wind chill was too much. So I came home warmed up and now am going to do intervals on the trainer. This is a comparison of the worst outside conditions I've ever rode in to the best inside conditions (a draw I think).

Yesterday I did the coldest ride I have ever done -16 with a wind chill -20. It is only 3 miles to work on 8th street but I have never had the pleasure of temps so cold that the trigger shifter mechanisms stop working and the extra tears that my eyes produced froze onto my face. My mustache iced down to my beard pulling hairs when I tried to open my mouth. All in all a great winter ride.

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