Saturday, January 30, 2010

No motivation at all

Yesterday I tried to go outside and ride I really wanted to but I couldn't bring myself to dress in all the layers to go suffer for an hour in the 12 degrees. I looked at my bikes and my cycling clothes but was uninspired. I think riding on ice covered bike trails has grown old this month and at 12 degrees it is too far to gravel considering I would be frozen by the time I got to booneville road. I am so ready to hang up the studded tires. Next week looks like more snow but 30 degrees would be nice. Where is your global warming now!


Buckshot77 said...

I'm with you on the sentiments Courtney. Booneville loop was a good alternate to icy black death, but both are getting to be a grind right now.

Bruther said...

Oh, don't you know, the new descriptor for the false science of global warming is now "climate change". If they are wrong, they spin the words to fit their "theory".