Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gravel Metric #6

Always a Good Sign!
Mickey Mouse head with Wagon wheels

Didn't get all of it but it appears to be every car and truck
they have owned parked in order of age from 70's to present
Fall down and go boom.

Started out a little late yesterday morning around 10am. Headed out through Ankeny then worked my way south through a section of eastern Iowa that has nothing in it. When I say nothing I mean nothing I stopped around 50 miles for a short rest in the first place I could find somewhere to sit a cemetery in the middle of nowhere. The Roads were not to bad to start out but I was unprepared for fully loaded touring on gravel. The mushy roads are bad enough with a 25lbs bike but try it with a 100lbs bike. It is impossible to hop the front wheel the center gravity never changes no matter how you shift your weight around and the long downhills start to overpower the brakes and 30+ mph is a little disconcerting on gravel. The weight is nice in climbs you can get out of the saddle and not spin out the back wheel. I was close to Newton when the rain started so I decided to hit Newton for some dinner. After Dinner the rain was light so I headed out for camp. A Couple of wrong turns and the last hour into some of the strongest winds I have ever road in. I gave up after I had only travelled 5 miles in the last hour and had gone the wrong way. So I called for a ride got onto the paved highway t-12 Back to Newton, the tail wind was nice and I was cruising 30 mph totally spun out in my 36x11. That was fun I had a car that didn't pass me for over a mile and then I realized the speed limit was 25 and I was doing 30. But not all was lost I got my April metric in and I found out TI6 was cancelled do to weather, and the bike had NO mechanical issues (thanks sram) the Arkel xm bags were in the rain for 4 hours and ALL my stuff was dry.
70 miles before the rain

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Sounds like that was an adventure!