Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Saturday I went to the first CITA trail work day at summerset. Had a good morning of work cutting a new section returning from nude beach. Chased Squirrel (can't keep up on foot either) and cleared as he cut small trees in front of me. He let me cut the last 30 yards or so I now have scrapes and cuts and thorns all over my arms. After the work we had some sandwiches (thanks Fuller) and a couple beers then hit the trail for a couple laps. My second lap was following Squirrel I was able to keep up because Terri was riding and she is the only person that brings his speed down for some reason ;) I cleared all but 3 spots on the trail fell at the top of the usual hill and got Poison Ivy and almost made the last switch back. I had one last beer with a newer rider (bad at names) and headed for Cummings Tap for some beers. I really pushed the pace and got there in just over an hour (18 miles) not to bad for a 29" mountain bike. I was very sore on sunday it could have been the laps on Banner probably not the 63 miles. Too bad the county paved all the darn roads heading out there or it would have been a dirty metric.

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