Friday, April 30, 2010

Girls night out.

After wednesday nights steak night at the tap and maybe one too many beers (not sure which one was too many) I stayed home with the kids last night so my wife could go out with the other 'cycling widows' for some drinks. It always amazes me how creative kids can be they road their bikes around then parked them in the yard unloaded a blanket and toys and had a picnic on the driveway. Then drew some more anatomically correct stick figures on the driveway I guess it's called a 'tail' when your 3,5 and 7.
I decided that it is again time to cut back the beer since the remodeling at work is over and everything had calmed down and bike 'season' is in full swing now (that's rodie season). So on to the other couple addictions coffee and cycling. Maybe I can loose some of the spare tire on my waist or maybe not. More Rain today so this weekend looks like gravel and not single track. I hope to get a gravel century in Saturday and maybe center will be dry sunday afternoon so I can try out my new tires on my mountain bike. Purgatory 2.4" tubeless and they are monsters, but I need forgiveness not speed when it comes to off road.

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