Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not too fast, not fast enough

First time in denmans yesterday since December! Went down in the morning for a couple laps then one more before the taco ride. Took the first couple laps slow in the morning and stopped to clear some junk off the trail left the big stuff so Squirrel would have something to do later ;) Got down right before the taco ride and Squirrel had cleared the rest of the junk trees off the trail and did a much faster lap. Hit the taco ride at 5:30 and hung with the front group for most of Denmans (except the part where I washed out the front tire of bark and did a header over the bars..too fast) I soon caught back up right at the exit. Rolled though Squirrels nest then over to Hillside. I miss planted my front tire on one switch back right at the edge and slid right off the side. This finished off my Derailier hangar for the most part new part today hopefully. Still had a good time though my leg hurts a little today from the falls but not bad over all. Watch out for dry dry trails :(

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