Thursday, July 22, 2010

Last day before the great annual bike race across Iowa

or is it a Ride? I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a long 700+ mile adventure across Iowa with a loaded touring bike with EVERYTHING on it. I packed for comfort so:
Sleeping bag
5 Changes of clothes
Spare tire (great story from last year)
And I of course since I'm not a "Bagger" really did not pack a camp chair.

My ride out is about 220 miles and I dont believe I will make Sioux City but I will cut into the course in the first town (Kingsley) hope to kill myself on pace day one (105 miles) to Carroll I will be opting for gravel roads so I can get in a dirty metric this month. Then day 2 (75 miles) backing the pace down alot. Updates will come on the road I will be posting here but staying off Facebook for the week.


Steph said...

Have a BLAST!!!! :)

ohh.... and
ride safe.

MrDaveyGie said...

awesome, that's lotz and lotz of miles Courtney