Friday, July 23, 2010

Ragbrai day 1

Today : 104 miles

Total : 104

Made it to swan lake in 8.5 hours pushed 12.5 avg all the way with 2 stops one at Ethels in yale and one on the gravel at 260/g ave.  Over all legs I will rate at 5/10 with a little left Core at 2/10 bonked hard at 80 miles and mental at 10/10 I feal great!  Now a couple beers at Denny's resturant in Carrol (not the chain dennys)  then 4 miles back to camp to crash for 10ish hours of sleep hopefully.  Correstionville tomorrow about 70-80 miles

Location : 323 W 3rd St, Carroll, IA 51401,

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