Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ragbrai day 4

Good day over all started out slow but ended up with some friends on the way.  Had the worse mechanical failure ever, broke a stem the handle bar came off in my hand.  I road 8 miles to the next town with the bars zipp tied to my front rack.  Ouch!  Found some of the Bikeiowa crew after i got a new stem ($97) Ouch, ouch!  Did a little better pace for the rest of the day got dropped by the rodies 28mph and counting and my 36/11 and 106lbs bike left me OTB.  Now im hanging out in a 'dance club'  with 10 other people but $1 pints... :) Cant post this today no signal so the date will  be wrong

84 miles today

268 total

Location : Address not available

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