Sunday, March 6, 2011

Best ride of the year

me and Austyn rode down to Mullets for a pop then rolled out to WDMS to my parents house. 23 miles isn't a bad tandem ride for a 7 year old.

warming up after 7 miles on the new tandem


MrDaveyGie said...

Bravo for Austyn. Do I see tandem competition in your future?

Iowagriz said...

Great job by her. A tip or two from my tandeming with my girls. Add a bell on her bars and let her go to town with it. or, ask her to a use it to announce passing on the trail. It gives them a sense of participating. I also put my Garmin eTrex mount on their handlebars and taught them the basic functions. They play with it and stare at the map, or I ask them to announce various stats to me. Keeps them from getting bored.

Courtney said...

Good idea Tom I ll have to go get a bell and I never thought about putting the gps back there