Monday, March 28, 2011

Gravel Metric #6 and a ride across the High Trestle Bridge

Really I was intending to ride the whole high trestle trail.  I got to woodward via gravel roads then hit the trail.  After a fast ride to Madrid I though about my plan of hitting the neil smith trail home.  I decided to go back on the gravel.  I got all the way to the edge of Walkee were the pavement starts and realized I only needed 10 more miles of gravel to call this a metric, so reroute the long way back to West Des Moines.

Trail head in Woodward

The Bridge

So they had way to much money for this!

This would be spectacular in the Summer when it's all green

Cool look out,  next time beer stop (when it's not 30 degrees)


Cool Tunnel

It looked cooler in person 

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Steph said...

My old stompin' grounds. We used to party down by the river that the high bridge goes over. :)