Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So seriously looking at equipment choices for Dirty Kanza.  Guitar Ted and a couple others have me leaning towards bringing the mountain bike ....

And leaving the Cross bike at home.  I'm always a minimalist when it comes to bike choices.  What is the smallest tires and lightest bike I can make it on?  However with my COMPLETE failure in all races so far this year and the obvious fact that I am not even going to finish in the same time zone as the winner I really need to make it this time.  So here is my list:

Cross bike :
Rolls easier 
not so good in fresh gravel
I'm not as comfortable in fast descents 
tires aren't as tough (flint hills anyone)
needs new tires
39x28 is the low gear

Mountain Bike
Rides smoother
I'm good with 45 mph on the gravel with Disc brakes and 2.2" tires
Has new tires
I already have extra tires 
22x34.....(it really is better than walking sometimes)
Weighs a TON
doesn't look as cool

So unless someone really influences me in the next week I think the Raleigh XXIX will be the bike of choice for the long ride.  I will be investing in these though:

and borrowing a brooks seat from another bike for the event.  I also will be shooting a very very short video at checkpoints and the end of my thoughts and maybe me throwing up after 16-18 hours of gravel so look for that in the days following the race.


Steve Fuller said...

Random thoughts:
* This is Kansas, the hills are mostly long and shallow (think a mile or two long), not steep like old Portland Road. In 3 tries I can think of only one small section that had anything that I would have maybe rethought about riding.
* You will want tough tires.
* Even with Stans, you're going to need to take tubes with you.
* Be prepared to ride into some heavy headwinds.
* What bike will be comfortable after being on it for 16 - 18 hours? Have you done a long non-stop ride on either of them? (60 miles with no beer breaks? ;) )
* What is your liquid and nutrition plan?
* What lights are you going to use?

Anonymous said...

I've done 100 plus days on both (no breaks) and I always feel better after riding the mountain bike something about the impacts I think. I always carry a tube but I'm taking 3 and a spare tire. I have 2 lights helmet and handlebar

Steph said...

Haa... I'm looking forward to the video highlights!