Sunday, May 1, 2011

High Trestle Trail Opening

I Actually DROVE to the trail for this event.  I know I did what?  Okay so Abbie had a Gymnastics meet and this was the only way I could go.  So my first experience with 'brakeless' fixie on this ride.  Well it still has a brake but it's a cross top lever.  Also lost the bike computer so no speed distance on this bike.  I did find a zen feeling on this bike (you'd have to be there to understand).  Did have a close call though, on some ones wheel and he slows down a lot.  I reach for the brakes and ....oh there gone don't even think about the cross top brake but swerve out of the way and skid the back wheel.  I'm not ready to take off the brake all together but maybe someday I will.

Fixie Ride

 There was a ton of people out on the trails.

The Bridge

Got a Free Water Bottle and a 'PassPort' 

The View Looked cooler in person

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Craig said...

I did brakeless on mine for a while, but threw a front on for RAGBRAI last year. I love the simplicity of no brakes/no computer though. Feels like the purest way to ride.