Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Failure is only the result of a successful  test of your limits.

Less then 2 weeks to my first 100+ mile race
Less then 1 month to my first 200+ mile race
Less then 1 year to TranIowa 8...

So getting off work early today, suppose to be 60 degrees and I feel a 70-80 mile gravel ride coming on.  I think I'll take the Haro, I haven't been out single speeding much lately do to back pain, but it is a lot better then a month ago so.  I'll take it slow and keep pushing.  More research on the latest bike I'm drooling over and I'm still up in the air on brakes Hydraulic/mechanical????  I would list the other parts I've choosen but they would totally give away the bike....

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