Monday, June 6, 2011

Dirty Kanza 2011 Videos and Pictures from the Road

5:30am Starting Line

10:30am Checkpoint 1

4:00pm Checkpoint 2

Mud Road

This guys site is pretty cool

Cool race number

This is the city hall WOW!

The roads go through the creek,

Ghost Town

The oncoming storm

This was a welcome sight after the 90+ degree cooking all day

The longest hike a bike ever!!!

Guitar Ted your race was mentioned on the road a couple time. 

3.5 or so miles and 2 hours later

The End,  158 miles 16.5 hours

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David, Hanna, and Ezra said...

Good pictures. Looks like a blast! Unsolicited advice: your helmet is sitting too far back on your should be pulled forward on your forehead for it to work properly in a fall. Sorry for the lame comment, but noticed this.