Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bianchi San Jose : Urban assault bike review

I've done zero ride this week do to working every day and some 13-15 hour shifts, so I'll write about one of my favorite bike of all time.  This bike started as a San Jose for $799 from a LBS and I modified it a little.  I got a set of Alex rims (19mm) and laced a Shimano Nexus hub into the front ($50 ebay) it works almost as good as the SON on my touring bike and at a savings of 250 I can live with the fact you have to be doing 7 mph before you reach full power.  I have a fixed/free hub in the back, this has worked out great.  I took this on ragbrai in 09 with 2 fixed cogs and had a great time.  I also did my first gravel century on this bike with a fixed cog.  I'm currently running 38x17 with a carbon crankset ($99 ebay) I dont have a computer on it anymore but it has over 5k on it so far.  As far as the original bike goes it was nice but the stock wheels were terrible.  And even though they will not work tubeless Richey Speedmax 40c tires are AWESOME.


BigE610 said...

i love the san jose. your set up looks a lot like mine. one of my favorite bikes.

Marty said...

Dude, What bars are those? origin8 gary II?