Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Road less traveled

Good ride yesterday 50 miles.  Took the booneville loop I think after the majority of the group turned off to go back at Orilla Some of us continued on.  I rode another 10 miles or so with Kim and Scott.  Kim turned off to ride more he doesn't require food like us mortals. Had the lunch with Scott at booneville and started the 10 miles home.  At this point my bike was so muddy that the rear deraillier started jumping up and getting caught on the chainstay.  I think if you put oil on your chain every once and a while it works better.  But overall I learned a couple of lessons on my first gravel ride.  
1. bring food
2. Oil Chain
3.rear fender
Maybe next time I try for a century..


Squirrel said...

Good riding with ya, my legs were toast when I got home. 70 miles total..did Scott get his hundy?


Courtney said...

I don't think so After the 10 miles or so with Kim he ha toast so I think he got like 80 or so.

Maverick said...

I have a powerwasher if You need it.

bikeiowa said...

I got back to Tom's. Drink a beer and ate a piece of pizza. Drive back to Ankeny. Parked at the "gravel-head" and pounded out another 20... turned tiplle digits shortly after dark. I was TOAST!