Friday, March 26, 2010


Exploring is one of my favorite parts of cycling, the question 'were does that road go' is almost to much for me. I always go and find out sometimes I think Google maps is a spoiler other times it is a life saver. I do try to not be to tech addicted though sometimes you get far enough from civilization that you can get an internet connection. I found a good route last night to Adel on gravel it's not as far as I thought it would be but and 10 miles of pavement but it gets me to Adel then I can carry on into Redfield on a gravel road that crosses the trail a couple times I think loop around north for a full metric and call it good. So my plan for Sunday afternoon is Gravel Metric 5 since I won't be getting another day off for 2 weeks I really need to make it. Plus it give me a chance to explore my out and back route to somewhere around Carrol for next months back2back Centuries with a night of camping in between. A little practice for trans-wisconsin.


Iowagriz said...

the section from DeSoto to Redfield is nice (Bear Creek Road)

didn't make it around the lake, but still fun. More maps from my centuries on this site, would give you some ideas.

Steph said...


if you see any older touring bikes for sale.. lemme know.

I was gonna drop some real $$$$ on a new Jamis Aurora or Raleigh Sojourn...
but thinking that if I could come across a used older touring bike somewhere, I'd like to take a look.
So.. if you see any or know of any- let me know.

Im needing prolly a 56 cm frame.

or sell me that Masi.


Steve Fuller said...

I'd be up for the Sunday ride. Need miles.