Thursday, December 31, 2009

Short but not bad

I added up my milage for 09 already. I am a little short of the 10k goal but 8554 is still the most milage I have ever put in in a year 1300 more than last year. I could blame the back injury in september or the weather or mountain biking or racing or my job or .... I could just man-up and do better next year :) So on the radar for next year, well as usual with me EVERYTHING.

This year I competed in 2 crits, 2 Mountain races, 1 cross race, 1 "allycat",13 Centuries (11 road(3 on fixies), 2 gravel(both on a Fixie), 3 days of ragbrai, countless rides. And its all worth it to hear 3 little voices yelling "go daddy go" every lap as I fly by 'turning myself inside out'.
So last thought for the year (or longer maybe). Win, lose, or walk always finish the race because, someone is looking up to you.

Last ride 09

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