Thursday, December 3, 2009


Saturday morning was my first cross race. I choose Jingle cross because I've been down with my back for most of cross season this year and I felt good enough for jingle cross. Plus why not the hardest course first every thing else seams easier then. I started in the middle of the pack they have squares painted on the ground for were you are to line up they give you like 3 feet wide and 5 feet long. The size of the starting square is a little scary your less than a arms length from 4 riders, I fell back right at the start of the race my goal being to complete the race without hurting myself not to win it. As we got to MT Krumpit the first time I was 2 people from the back. After the run (2 mph) up the hill I was 4 from the back. All the mountain biking I've done helps on the muddy nasty decent as I watched other riders fall I passed 2 people on the downhill. Not sure after that I did feel great every lap when I got to the straight spots and picked up the pace. I did lap one rider I felt good about that (bad for him but good for me) I got lapped by the leaders (first 5 places) on the 3rd lap and started to have mechanical problems in the last half of the 3rd lap. I did have a good time and learned a lot about crossracing. I hope to actually compete in a lot of races next year.

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bluecolnago said...

and you looked good doing it! :)