Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A little Snow storm

After a week I'm finally not working round the clock. So last week we had a little snow. I was at work for the most of it I left work on Tuesday night in the snow it was about 7-8 inches on the roads. I decided to take a good workout and ride the White Label home. If you have ever road through several inches of snow it's like climbing a non stop hill. So at 4-5 mph I can feel my heart pounding and the bottom of my lungs so I'm maxed out and there isn't even a slow down and rest other than stopping. Stopping involves putting my shoes in the snow (not good with cold feet) so I continue on. The streets are not plowed and with the chewed up snow from car tires at 6 inches to 2 feet tall the 2 mph snow drift jumping took almost 20 minutes from the bridge to my house (half mile). It was however fun to stop on my bike and help push out a car.

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