Sunday, June 6, 2010

Black Label

I'm just hitting some miles now while I can and between rain storms. I still enjoy bike trails no matter what anyone says. I took out the Grand Touring bike for 20ish miles of trails this morning before work and looks good to go out for 25 or so after work maybe hit the tap for a beer since it's been 3 days now. Oh ya cutting back on the beer a little trying to loose a 10 more pounds this summer I lost 4 on my last metric and is slowly came back over the last 3 days. I enjoyed the gears today I've been on single speeds for a couple weeks now. I understand the single speed purist thing, but I'll never get there however I can say I have never done a gravel century with gears :) but that will change soon. Heres to good times on black label.

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